Dalai Lama

May 11th 2012

Photographer for our Khampa
, Tim Roodenrys, recently met
up with the Lama himself. Tim sent
over a few images of his visit.

The Postiche Collection

May 8th 2012

Just finished a little collaboration
with photographer Julian
and writer Paul
Sharp. It’s a limited edition
catalogue telling the story behind
several types of beard. You can
buy the catalogue over at Six
Week Boutique Store

Photos of the little booklet will be
published here in the near future.

Bic Pen Carpet

April 15th 2012

I recently shot a project for my
friend Jonathan Bréchignac here
in Paris. Made to fit the size of an
actual Muslim prayer carpet,
this piece is drawn only with black
Bic pencils. Painstakingly detailed,
it explores different ways and
patterns to create a unique whole
with only a simple tool.

See the full post at Projekt.